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Limitation of leakage of hazardous substances: Airbank containment sumps

Friday 19 July 2019

Prevent the uncontrolled distribution of liquids in the event of breakage and accidental leakage and guarantee the safety standards in compliance with current regulations: this is the goal of Airbank which proposes containment sumps suitable for every need both in terms of size and material.

In the company, for the storage of drums, small tanks containing dangerous or polluting substances, it is important to use containment sumps able to stem the loss of liquids which, otherwise, in case of accidental breakage and / or leakage, would risk spreading to the working environment uncontrollably.

For this reason, Airbank offers various models of containment sumps. Their dimensions comply with current regulations (Ministerial Decree 392 of 16/05/1996 for oils and Ministerial Decree 18/05/1995 for deposits of hydro-alcoholic solutions, resolution of 07/27/1984) for which the sumps must contain a quantity of substance equal to the greater of the two values involved: that of the volume of the largest container stored above the sump or 1/3 of the total liquid stored.

The containment systems can be in painted or galvanized carbon steel, completely customizable, but also in polyethylene (PE). The latter are perfect for those who work with more aggressive chemicals and are also available in recycled polyethylene. "Airbank does not only care about workplace safety, but also the total respect for the environment that passes both through the supply of our products to the companies, and through the materials used to make these products", says Gloria Mazzoni, General Manager of Airbank.

Furthermore, in the Airbank catalog, small sumps are available for storing jerry cans and canisters, modular containment systems for transferring operations and polyethylene or painted or galvanized steel cabinets for outdoor storage.