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Based on its experience in the field of anti-pollution and environmental safety, Airbank has taken a leading role in energy efficiency.
Thanks to its accreditation as Energy Services Company (ESCo) and having obtained the certificate of compliance with UNI CEI 11352: 2014, today the company can offer its customers the possibility to transform energy savings, obtained through works of efficiency improvement of properties and / or installations, in Energy Efficiency Certificates (white Certificates), following the whole handling of the matter, from the presentation of the project to GSE to the sale of obtained TEE.

In this way, customers will have a lower energy bill and a further economic advantage thanks to the obtaining of TEE (white certificates).

The TEE system, in addition to generating economic benefits for end users, brings environmental benefits in terms of avoided emissions: a certificate corresponds to saving a tonne of oil equivalent (TOE).

The new company’s Vision and Mission lead Airbank to the research of qualified partners to create with them networks with high professional content, in order to give the best solution to the customer enterprise in terms of service quality, effectiveness of the proposed solution, times, costs and return on investment.

Airbank provides the Partner organization its certified capacity and the possibility, as ESCOs, to:

  • Deal directly with GSE and GME the titles of energy efficiency
  • Conduct energy Audits provided by the Law Decree 102/2014
  • Design and implement integrated solutions
  • Define investment criteria with the drawing up of EPC (Energy Performance Contract) contracts

The Partner organization can thus offer its customers a 360-degree management of an efficient, quick and high quality content project under favourable terms. Airbank offers training in technical and legislative areas regarding energy management, efficiency analysis and energy certifications. Airbank also offers informative seminars, workshops and a newsletter dedicated to customers with the latest regulations.