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Airbank is constantly working with leading companies in several fields to realize projects aimed at protecting the environment and the safety of workers.
The two most important examples are the collaborations with Yamaha Motor Racing and General Electric.


From 2010 AIRBANK is partner of Yamaha Motor Racing, a company that handles operations Yamaha MotoGP where is a consultant and supplier of products for the maintenance of the ISO 14001 environmental certification attained together in 2010.

Airbank e Yamaha
Logo Yamaha

Mrs. Gloria Mazzoni (Airbank GM) commentary
"We are proud of having started since a few years a cooperation with Yamaha Motor Racing aiming to get ISO 14001 certification. Much to our satisfaction, we realized that a company dealing with moto racing competitions had developed a strong attention to people and environment safety.
With Yamaha Motor Racing we have found a receptive partner whose managers and employees pay attention to and are enthustiastic about the different steps of the implementation process of certification procedures followed by our consultants.
To develop this Environment Control System, Airbank have offered Yamaha Motor Racing a highly specialized team of engineers as well as a wide range of customized products and services. A special thanks to everybody. I have found in Yamaha a reliable and cooperative partner who will gain regard and transparency thank to this certification."
Mr. Marco Riva (Yamaha GM) commentary
"In 2010 Yamaha Motor Racing has been involved in a very interesting project which will lead us to implement an environment control system integrated with the existing health and safety policy. This project belongs to Yamaha CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program.
We are proud to develop our project with Airbank, a partner we met last year and with whom we are working to get the ISO14001 certification. Everybody at Yamaha Motor Racing and Fiat Yamaha Team, under Airbank and YMR coaches, are really interested and offer ideas and solutions to improve all procedures relevant to environment protection and safety.
The Yamaha project "In harmony with nature" leads us to apply a general policy reagarding our products and manufacturing processes."

Yamaha - headquarter
Yamaha - headquarter
Yamaha - headquarter
Yamaha - headquarter
Yamaha - headquarter
Yamaha - Kiss Mugello
Yamaha - Kiss Mugello
Yamaha - Kiss Mugello
Yamaha - Kiss Mugello


One of greatest successes of the collaboration between Airbank and Yamaha Motor Racing is the "KissMugello" project.
At its fifth edition, KiSS Mugello (Keep It Shiny and Sustainable) is the environmental and social sustainability program of the Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix. The program intends to raise awareness of the importance of adopting sustainable behaviors in major sports events, leveraging the passion for motorcycling to make passion for sustainability grow.
The objective of the program is to reduce the environmental impact of the event, with initiatives such as separate waste collection (with the distribution of 20,000 kits with bags and information sheets) and recycling, according to the principles of circular economy; collection of exhausted batteries, spent fuel oils and used lubricating oils; free drinking water for the public; a communication plan to encourage spectators to sustainable mobility.


Sustainable management of wind farms is one of the main points Airbank has decided to pay particular attention to. Thanks to the precious collaboration of GE Renewable Energy, Airbank has carried out a lot of work analysing ordinary maintenance and major emergencies occurred in small, medium and large wind farms. At the same time, the goals expressed by the Wind Service companies were considered: minimizing environmental impact and managing generated waste.


From the field analysis it has been found that in the ordinary maintenance phase the main activities are: the greasing of rotating parts, the oil filter change of gearbox, bolts tightening, the oil and liquid change of the converter.
Airbank, has studied a kit for the ordinary maintenance of a wind farm, consisting of specific absorbent wipes, absorbent sausages, degreasing detergents for oils and special P.P.E., in order to ensure maximum safety to operators. With regard to minimizing environmental impact, each kit is equipped with special bags for waste management.

From the analysis of the incidents in the wind farms around the world, taking into consideration the equipment already in use in the air generators of major manufacturers, Airbank has provided a practical emergency kit consisting of products for the containment and absorption of hazardous oils and liquids.

Finally, from the analysis of the storage places of the material used during ordinary maintenance, Airbank has developed a complete solution with: mineral oils and liquid lubricants barrels with collecting tank, safety lockers for chemical products, containers for used batteries and fluorescent tubes, containers for oil and air filters collection, storage points for waste oil, collection containers for toxic or flammable waste (to be separated from other waste due to their hazard), and finally containers for materials contaminated by dangerous substances and containers for materials contaminated by polluting but not dangerous substances.

Airbank has thus added a new element to the sustainability of wind farms.