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We organize customized training courses in regulatory/environmental matters at your companies or at our Airbank headquarters.

DATE EDITIONS: 7 - 14 - 21 - 28 luglio / 8 - 15 - 22 - 29 settembre
DURATION: 4 hours (09.00-12.00 theory e 12.00-13.00 practice)

LOCATION OF THE COURSE: Via Luigi Bay – Piacenza - Italy

  • Safety managers (HSE Department)
  • Qualified operatives
  • Internal corporate security teams
  • Consultants
  • Employers

  • The teachers are highly skilled professionals, as well as training experts.
  • Update of the contents to one’s own business and individual needs: research of critical issues and operative indications for problems solving.
  • Possibility of adapting the course to the specific needs of the participants.
  • Use of innovative and effective products.

Our Course

First intervention procedures in the event of spills and rules update on environmental safety
  • Brief note on environmental reference legislation.
    Law Decree 152/06 consolidated environmental text, Decree n. 20/2011 absorbent and neutralizing substances for batteries acid, Min. Decree n. 392/1996
  • Regulation on technical standards for used oils disposal, CLP, Law, 22/05/2015 n° 68.
  • Spills emergency on soil and in water, how to proceed with spillage, with which materials, how and with respect to the spilled substances.
  • Typical issues that can occur within a company (storage of dangerous substances, spills, etc.) or on a construction site (environmental hazards that could occur, prevention measures and rehabilitation actions).
  • Eventual practical simulation exercises on spills.
ISO14001 and ecological footprint
  • Basic aspects of ISO14001: What is the rule and the Plan - Do - Check - Act approach.
  • Matrices: air, water, soil. What may be the impacts on air, water and soil, how they can be avoided or reduced.
  • Pollution: emissions and energy, how impacts develop and become pollution. How to start an energy saving program.
  • Ecological footprint: what is it , how it works. First calculation setting and what can be useful.
Waste and hazardous substances management
  • Environmental legislative framework.
    Law Decree 152/06 consolidated environmental text, Min. Decree n. 392/1996 - Regulation on technical standards for used oils disposal, WEEE Law Decree 151/2005 – Law Decree 49/2014, batteries and accumulators.
  • What is meant by waste, what are EWC codes, when a waste is special, dangerous and what involves.
  • Waste management within the company, separate collection principles and structuring of a temporary deposit of special waste.
  • Examples for a correct management of waste and hazardous substances.
ESCoS and energy efficiency standards
  • Energy efficiency reference legislation with a focus on last updates on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources issues.
  • What are the obligations, what are the state incentives and what are the benefits in implementing energy efficiency systems and plants.
  • What are ESCOs, how they work and what services they can offer to companies.
  • The Energy Market and the role of energy efficiency titles according to the last legislative developments.
  • The energy diagnosis according to the rule UNI CEI/TR 11428:2011, what are the requirements and what are the benefis for the company.
  • Examples of interventions and ideas for the improvement of energy efficiency within the company.
  • Mention to integrated energy management systems within the company according to rule ISO 50001.

Tutorials, projects and case studies:

  • Spill simulations
  • Resolution containment products/absorption
  • Disposal Instructions
  • Acid Neutralization
  • Simulation of actual cases related to the productive realities of the participants: analysis of risks and dangers, the provisions related legislative obligations of security personnel and the management methods and adaptation


From now Airbank training course becomes available to everyone
Airbank has thought of all the customers that "because of problems of time or distance" can not be present in our training courses about environmental safety: now you can attend Airbank training courses on environmental safety in e-learning! All you need is a computer or a tablet connected to internet and you can finally stay up to date on first assistance procedures in addition to new regulations on environmental safety.

Course Contents:

  • Environmental prompt intervention: initial overview of the relevant tegulations and emergency procedure

Topic of the course:
  • Knowledge of normative context of reference.
  • Face up an emergency in case of spillage of hazardous liquids.
  • Develop the skills and the tools to act quickly and effectively (operation procedure).
  • Train staff to use the products correctly.
  • Knowledge of characteristics and the peculiarities of the products processed.

The pluses:
  • The teaching staff is composed by highly specialized operators in the sector, as well as training experts.
  • Use of innovative and effective products.
  • Training course easily accessible from any computer or tablet connected to Internet.

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