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Containing dangerous substances: solutions to prevent pollution and infiltrations

Friday 06 April 2018

Allowing the storage of dangerous substances in outdoor areas, on the one hand protecting the groundwater in case of accidents and on the other preventing rainwater from entering inside the spill sumps: with this goal Airbank, a leading company in Italy in the field of pollution and of environmental safety, has created new spill sumps equipped with a roof and elevation. "The rain accumulating can reduce the volume of the spill sump, with the risk of not respecting the minimum volume indicated by the regulations in force for oils and deposits of hydroalcoholic solutions (resolution DM 392 16/5/1996 and Ministerial Decree 18/05/1995 27 / 7/1984) ", explains Gloria Mazzoni, General Manager of Airbank.

Among the solutions proposed by Airbank there are in fact the spill sumps made of carbon steel equipped with structural reinforcements and continuous wire welding (MIG): the verification of the tightness of the tanks is carried out through non-destructive tests performed with penetrating liquids. The cabinets are equipped with grilles for natural ventilation and a roof that prevents rainwater from infiltrating. The spill sumps are available in different sizes, both for a single tank (IBC) and for two.

For the storage of drums in a vertical and horizontal position or for IBC, Airbank instead provides galvanized shelves with interlocking: these are modular structures of high stability and easy assembly, equipped with collection spill sumps below. In addition, the shelves are adjustable in height, so as to allow the realization of solutions adaptable to every need. In the case of external storage, the shelves can also be supplied with full covering made of PVC.

"These are constantly evolving products that can be customized on request", specifies Gloria Mazzoni. The same principle of personalization and continuous improvement is applied by Airbank to external containers dedicated to the storage of dangerous substances. Equipped with a key lock, the Airbank containers can also be designed to allow the separation of incompatible substances and are provided with ventilation grids and containment sump according to the prescriptions imposed by D.M. of 18/05/1995.

For simple storage requirements, containers in carbon-corrugated steel are available, equipped with internal reinforcements: these are structures that can be moved by lower palletization or by means of crane lifting structures (eyebolts placed at the base of containers). To provide greater thermal insulation of the substances inserted into the structure, Airbank has instead produced containers with insulated polyurethane panels. For cases in which, in addition to thermal insulation, fire resistance must also be guaranteed, the container with insulated REI / EI panels is available.