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Uploaded 08/05/2017 12:04

Video presentation of Airbank, our innovative products and services.

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Uploaded 26/04/2017 12:50

Each module is made with double hinged doors with anti-intrusion lock, loadbearing frame with base and roof in galvanized steel, the tanks are fastened with retaining chains with spring clips; complete with safety and identification stickers. The design allows up to 3 combinations.

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Big Bag Holder

Uploaded 07/04/2017 17:06

Have a loot at Airbank dismountable galvanised carbon steel Big Bag holder. With a safety hook for the Big Bag handles on each pillar.

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Comparison between microfiber pads

Uploaded 05/04/2017 10:27

This video shows a comparison between the use of a simple microfiber pad and the range of Airbank performing pads.

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Uploaded 20/02/2017 16:52

Absorbent and neutralizer for sulphuric acid used in lead-acid batteries, to be used for accidental spills

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Uploaded 10/01/2017 15:14

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Absorbent powder for oils and solvents

Uploaded 11/03/2016 12:19

A comparison between the performance of the sepiolite and Airbank's innovative absorbent products: Firesorb, Stone Universal Sorb and Oko-Pur.

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Removers for oil and hydrocarbons

Uploaded 09/03/2016 10:30

OT8 (Biological remover for solid and liquid hydrocarbon residues), SOBO QB (Degreaser for oil and fresh greases), and ROAD BIO (Asphalt oil stain remover)

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Uploaded 22/02/2016 16:24

The Oil Separator Skimmer is aimed to recover petroleum substances from water surface.

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Uploaded 03/02/2016 18:12

FLOODGATE is a quick and simple barrier system for doors and windows of industrial and residential buildings, to be used in the event of river flooding.

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Uploaded 11/12/2014 15:50

Graffiti removal gel and anti-graffiti barrier

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Uploaded 10/11/2014 15:26

Biodegradable liquid for waterless cleaning.

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Portable Containment Sump

Uploaded 01/10/2014 11:45

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Uploaded 03/06/2014 13:53

Fire-resistant industrial absorbent for fluids and greases

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Uploaded 21/05/2014 16:21

Full saturation oil binder powder

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Uploaded 17/04/2014 17:55

Cold eco-asphalt

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Uploaded 17/04/2014 17:52

Liquid to make surfaces oil and water-repellent

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