January 12, 2012

In 2011 Airbank avoided the emission of 72 tons CO2

As usual, Airbank checked annual output of their rooftop photovoltaic installation, made two years ago to lower CO2 emission of their site and make it an environment low impact company.

Last year the installation avoided the emission of 72 tons CO2 in the air, as if 179 trees were planted, making Airbank self-sufficient in energy production.

Airbank is confirming to be a green company.

As every year, the company has calculated the output of the 105 kW rooftop photovoltaic installation started January 2010 to lower as much as possible the impact on environment of a company having the Environment protection as their core-business. This in order to check the real efficiency of the installation.

All along the year 2011 the installation, which makes Airbank self-sufficient in energy production, had an output of 131.899 kWh of total energy, which allowed the company to be independent from fossil power sources, thus saving  71.947 kg CO2 emission in the air.

It’s like we had planted 179 trees” states Gloria Mazzoni, Airbank general manager. “The installation was made to give a signal: to be independent in power production, lower CO2 emissions and consequently minimize our impact on environment is the only way.

 “Our target still remain to sell low impact products as we believe that every company, while keeping its profits, has a moral duty in making the workplace a safe and pleasant place” goes on Airbank sales manager.

“Last year too, our photovoltaic installation proved that business requirements can  agree with environment protection. Thanks to our installation we saved money and gave a hand to the environment. This is what we call green economy”.

You can live monitor Airbank photovoltaic clicking on following link

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