June 18, 2012

Airbank’s drum rotators come in Europe

Airbank shall submit to the European market tumbling barrels, a new type of tool that will allow operators to mix drums containing special liquids safely.

Airbank adds a new piece in terms of safety, for  the major industry.

Presents to the European market the tumbling barrels, tools that the company provides to all European Nations exclusively and when he felt extreme need for some specific operations, related in particular to the special liquids mixing.

The operation, until now very difficult to achieve, also exposing workers to a high level of dangerousness, may be carried out in safety and above all to perfection.

The machine, which through the rotating movement diagonal allows carrying out of the action, will topple the dangers for workers and ensure the perfect mixing, special liquids which may be so used to their purpose to the best of their ability.

"Some  substances need to be mixed properly, to be prepared," said the Airbank’s sales manager . "Until now, this task was almost impossible and unsafe, but thanks to our tumbling barrels, this will become extremely simple and above all safe. We are also proud to be the only ones in Europe to be able to offer this solution, is a further sign of how Airbank both avant-garde not only at the national level ".

Airbank is the leading company in Italy in the field of environmental safety and anti-pollution, but above all a very low environmental impact. Thanks to its photovoltaic plant, in fact, in the last year prevented the emission of more than 72 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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