April 15, 2013

Remove odors from dumpsters and landfills is possible now thanks to Odorless


Airbank continues to innovate in the field of environmental security  introducing Odorless, a biological scrubber that eliminates odors from landfills or dumpsters thanks to harmless and non-pathogenic.

 Odorless resolves a problem existing throughout the year, but with the arrival of the warm season becomes particularly pressing. The microorganisms degrade odors with a natural process, allowing you to permanently overcome the current methods, is the use of perfumes or opaque substances.


Unpleasant odors from dumpsters, junkyards or from storage areas for waste could become a distant memory.
And 'in fact been launched Odorless, a blast of biological odors that offers a natural solution to bad emanations arising from the degradation of waste, urgent problem, especially during the summer season when the sun's heat accelerates the processes of fermentation.

This product has been introduced on the market by Airbank , a leader in the field of environmental safety, with the aim of providing an alternative and more effective than the traditional ones currently used, which involve the use of fragrance ingredients to cover the stench.
Odorless biologically removes the problem as it is made from harmless and non-pathogenic microorganisms that degrade organic substances through a natural process. The effectiveness is then guaranteed thanks to the surfactants of which it is composed, which help to emulsify fats, helping the removal of odors.


"Summer is a particularly sensitive time, regarding  waste," said Gloria Mazzoni, General Manager of Airbank. "The increase in temperature accelerates the fermentation of waste, increasing the unpleasant fumes from dumpsters, landfills or from all the places where residues, especially organic, are stored. Until now the only way to tackle the problem was to use fragrance ingredients, and therefore opaque. Odorless, instead, thanks to a mixture of bacterial cultures selected and stabilized is capable of breaking down biologically odors thanks to enzymes produced by microorganisms. The solution fits very well in the process of natural innovation and low environmental impact that we are operating in recent months on the market, because we believe the essential link between the safety of our environment and the use of non-impactful. "


Airbank is the leading company in Italy in the field of safety and environmental pollution, but above all a very low environmental impact. Thanks to its photovoltaic plant, in fact, the past year has prevented the emission of more than 72 ton of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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