October 17, 2013

From the kit for the preservation of aeolian parks to nanotechnologies: At Ecomondo new solutions to protect our environment

Natural absorbents for oils and removers , cleansers with a reduced environmental impact to remove graffiti from walls, nanotechnology liquid to make surfaces water and oil-repellent and kit to protect aeolian parks against spills of harmful substances: these are the main new products Airbank will present at Ecomondo, the sustainable development trade fair taking place in Rimini from November,6th to November, 9th.

Innovative and green solutions for a safer and cleaner world.



Also this year Ecomondo, main trade fair hosting solutions and technologies for sustainable development, will turn Rimini show into a Green Economy Hub.

To this purpose Airbank, a based in Emilia Romagna company and leader in the environmental safety field, has decided to attend as exhibitor the Rimini fair taking place form November, 6th to November, 9th  to show several new solutions to protect our environment and people.

At booth 154 in Hall C1, Airbank will display its Stone Universal Sorb, a universal absorbent composed wholly of natural mineral substances to neutralize spills of any kind, Graffless, a gel based on a sustainable technology to clean walls from graffiti done with aerosol cans, Graffless Keepclean, a protective barrier made of organic polymers to protect surface from oils and graffiti done with enamel spray, Dropless a nanotechnology biocompatible liquid for water and oil repellent protective treatment to always keep surfaces and working tools clean.

On top of that, a special emergency kit for the maintenance and protection from the spills of toxic and hazardous liquids into aeolian park will be presented. This kit mainly composed of products for the containment and absorption of oils and harmful substances e.g. absorbent pads and degreasing cleaners is also equipped with special waste sacks and can be used in support of operations related to exhausted oil storage stations, collection tanks, chemical storage lockers, polluted and toxic waste disposal cans.

Thanks to this measures facing unexpected risk situation in aeolian parks will be easier.

 “We’re constantly developing new solutions to make shared areas and workplace safe and clean without neglecting our mission to reduce environmental impact” stated Gloria Mazzoni, Airbank’s General Manager . “The new products we will present at Ecomondo this year are a new step forward for the protection of the environment and people”.


Airbank is the leading company in the anti-pollution and environmental safety field in Italy, but especially a company with a very low environmental impact.In fact, thanks to its photovoltaic plant Airbank has prevented the emission of more than 72 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere in the past year.

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