April 4, 2014

Pothole: with Potholess to solve the problem is easy, cheap and sustainable

The hot asphalt laying is critical for health and environmental, and it can be an elaborated and ineffective activity for the potholess.

An efficient alternative is the cold asphalt laying with Potholess: it is a new bituminous easy to install, economical and environmentally friendly.


Asphalt workmen works every day laying hot asphalt, an activity that generates odors and harmful emissions such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).


This operation is critical for health and environmental, moreover it is complex and ineffective for a selective and frequent intervention such as closing the potholes. To close them with the hot asphalt laying, a primer with bitumen emulsion and a final compaction with mechanical means is needed.

The economic side should not be underestimated: to solve the problem of the urban potholes there are complex and expensive solutions that municipalities, in a period of economic hardship, could not afford.


A solution to overcome these problems is the cold asphalt laying. In this market there is Potholess, the eco-friendly solution from Airbank, the Emilian company leader in environmental safety.

It is a new cold use asphalt for urgent maintenance. Potholess stands out for its ease of use and its economic and environmental sustainability.

Potholess is different for the constituent materials, it can be described as eco-asphalt thanks to the raw materials used: it is the first cold asphalt made of modified bitumen with Plastomers/Polymers and synthetic structural fibres, mixed with basaltic grit (size 0/8 mm).

Thanks to its easy laying feature (cold laying and levelling with a shovel), Potholess does not requires special operations: the product gives instant adherence to the pre-existing asphalt.

An unusual but sophisticated opacity allows, in fact, a strong bond between the mixture particles. In this way Potholess does not adhere to vehicle tires, avoiding the usual and unwelcome circumstances of grit dispersion and crumbling on the road. Potholess can be used on streets, highways, sidewalks, yards, ramps, car parks and walkways. The product is weather resistant for ice, snow and heavy rains. It can be stored up to 6/8 months.

"Technological innovation is essential to our business," said Mrs. Gloria Mazzoni, Airbank General Manager. "Potholess can be the economical and environmentally friendly solution to remedy the urban potholes. A problem affecting the mobility and safety of everyone, from pedestrians to drivers".

Airbank is the leader company in Italy in antipollution and environmental safety. It is a company with a very low environmental impact. Thanks to its photovoltaic system, in fact, is independent from the energy point of view. Airbank is always involved in research, technological innovation and quality with the aim of producing articles that can increase the standard quality of workers. Among his clients there are the Civil Protection, Enel, Veolia, Parmalat, Alitalia and Trenitalia.

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