December 13, 2013

STONE UNIVERSAL SORB: the way to absorb oils and solvents in a sustainable way

With the new universal absorber Stone Universal Sorb is now possible to absorb oils , solvents, lubricants and many other substances in a natural way

Thanks to its mineral compostion, it absorbs and holds back the pollutants in the silica powder particles.

The surfaces with the spilled liquid on will be completely cleaned, avoiding the waste water and the pollution arising from the chemical detergent usage.



With the new universal absorber STONE UNIVERSAL SORB is possible to clean the surfaces on witch oils, solvents, lubricants and other dangerous liquids have been spilled on.

The product has been launched on the market by AIRBANK Company (from Piacenza), leader in Italy for environmental and industrial safety.

The absorber is completely composed of silica mineral powder. Is is ecological and natural. Thanks to its high efficiency it can save waste of water and the use of chemicals to clean the surfaces. The product particles have an hollow structure that absorbs, guzzles and holds back the liquids, avoiding their realese. The absorbent capacity guarantees the complete removal of the spilled substances, leaving the surfaces clean without the use of additional detergents or water.

It is harmless for the environment, it is sand-like and it doesn’t need specific waste procedures. It doesn’t react with other substances becouse it is inert, and for this reason it isn’t harmful for people.


“The problem of containment and cleaning of harmful for people and envirnoment products is present in all working places where paints, solvents or similar products are used” said Mrs. Gloria Mazzoni, the General Manager of AIRBANK Company. “Thanks to Stone Universaal Sorb we can guaranrtee the neutralization of these substances using a product of environmental impact near zero. The absorber is 100% natural and, due to its features, it makes possile to avoid the use of water or chemicals for cleaning. This is an important feature considering the savings that can result.


AIRBANK Company is leader in Italy for environmental and industrial safety. It is a low environmental impact Company becouse its photovoltaic system saved more than 72 tons of CO2 emission in the last year.

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