February 7, 2014

Yamaha Motor Racing renews its environmental commitment through the Made in Italy technology

The Yamaha Motor Racing (YMR) environmental commitment continues. The Company, settled in Gerno di Lesmo (MB), manages the MotoGP Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd.; this year it has reduced the environmental impact and increased the workers safety in its headquarter and on the racetracks thanks to the advices and products Made in Italy.

The Yamaha Company has renewed the partnership with AIRBANK, leader company in environmental safety that in 2010 allows YMR to obtain the Environmental Certification ISO14001, and it has obtained the BS-OHASAS 18001 certification for the safety of the working places.


The Yamaha Motor Racing path to the way of sustainability and safety doesn’t stop.

The Company that manages the Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi Team, renewed its commitment to protect the environmental and its workers also for this year, becoming a true precursor in this topic.

In 2010 Yamaha Company obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification (the first and only team in the history of the MotoGP World Championship) thanks to the advice and products of the Italian company Airbank, now it is celebrating the OHASAS BS-18001 certificate for safety in the workplace.

The aim, in addition to the reduction of risks for all workers, is to positively infect all the World Championship players: the International Motorcycling Federation Association which owns all the teams entered in the MotoGP, and IRTA, just as happened with the KissMugello project.

On that occasion, YMR, Airbank and other partners promoted the distribution of 5,000 kits for waste recycling with the aim to sensitize the audience about the topic and to reduce the environmental impact of a sports event, allowing you to recover 17.1 tons of waste.

"Getting ideas from the title "The Journey ", which has identified the 2013 Yamaha Factory Racing Team sports season, we want to talk about what was "A Sustainable Journey": a six years long journey that led our team to reach an organization and, importantly, a widespread awareness about the importance of being able to become a beacon of sustainable behavior, "said Marco Riva, General Manager YMR.

"We are the first MotoGP team that have reconsidered the processes and the products with a particular regard to safety. What we want to do is to spread a positive message to explain, in a simple way and through attention that sport and sportsmen arouse in people, the sustainability from an environmental, social and economic point of view". "We are proud to continue to support Yamaha Motor Racing in its path to the reducing the environmental impact and safety of the workplace," continued Mrs. Gloria Mazzoni, General Manager of Airbank. "It is important their commitment on this topic: thanks to their visibility it can send a very strong message to a large number of people".


Airbank is the leader company in Italy in antipollution and environmental safety. It is a company with a very low environmental impact. Thanks to its photovoltaic system, in fact, is independent from the energy point of view.

Airbank is always involved in research, technological innovation and quality with the aim of producing articles that can increase the standard quality of workers.

Among his clients there are the Civil Protection, Enel, Veolia, Parmalat, Alitalia and Trenitalia.



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