June 20, 2013

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On June 18, an article came out on Corriere della in which it was dealt with the problem of jellyfish, including the various solutions proposed by journalist Carlotta Clerici there are also our anti-jellyfish booms here is an excerpt of the article.


Relax in the sea after a year's work. A pleasant rite of summer vacation threatened at times by jellyfish. A boom in attendance, including seasonal and permanent jellyfish, which in recent years has left very little quiet bathers. Above all, those who have had the experience of coming into direct contact with these animals stinging. An invasion which among other things has spread globally. With alarm on climate change and sightings of real swarms. The cause? As to be always under the heading man. Or rather, in human activities that contribute to their spread in the seas. For example, intensive fishing has declined alarmingly in the presence of jellyfish predators, such as tuna and turtles. To try to solve the problem in the summer of 2013, however, always human ingenuity. By creating barriers jellyfish ...



And again, to create, instead, a tool to eliminate the presence of jellyfish where you can swim, thought about this a company, specializing in environmental safety. Planning barriers to put jellyfish in the sea. "It's fake walls," says Beatrice Taina, research and development manager of Airbank, "composed of a floating and a fine network. They get off the beach to delimit the bathing area to be protected. "With the result of keep away any unwanted object or form of life. "Barriers," continues Taina, "are completely harmless and have no environmental impact, allowing changing the water. They are, in fact, to protect themselves without destroying. Not only from jellyfish, but also from algae, foams and waste thrown off. "A remedy is already successful on the coast of Malta, where last year were made the first barriers. "Jellyfish", explains Marco Risso, 'water polo coach at the School Waterpolo island south of Sicily, "in Malta are a huge problem." A little unexpected pleasant summer in places that are crowded with children. Who go there to study English, but also to play water polo. "Without these barriers," concludes Risso, "it would not be possible to use the fields in the sea. You often see schools of jellyfish in the water, the larger species then not only leave marks, but they are so stinging as to draw blood. "


Article by Carlotta Clerici

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