February 9, 2012

Airbank Introduce Melting Ice, the new de-icing which respects roads and the Environment

Airbank a leader company  in Italy in the field of environmental security, introduces Melting Ice, a special ice-strengthened, thanks to its quality respects roads, cars and environment.

differently to salt, which acts up to temperatures of -1 ° C, erodes the road surface and shall apply herbicide, Melting Ice acts to -28 ° C, does not damage the asphalt road surfaces and reducing the costs of maintenance, and is not harmful to the vegetation and ground water.

In days of great disconfort all over the Europe, due to adverse weather conditions, Airbank introduces a product suitable to solve the problems caused  by rigid temperatures to which all Europe is exposed.
Melting Ice, this is its name, is a special de-icing that provides performance to ensure the safety of the cars on the street and the Environment.
Useful even in extreme cold - down to -28 ° C - does not damage the asphalt, reduce cost of restoration and maintenance of the roadway, and has not the effect of the herbicide as salt, which corrodes instead grass and everything what is plant life, also draining in to aquifers, seriously threatening the soil structure and life of the microflora and microfauna.

"Airbank is company ready to respond in times of need, for example the introduce  of Melting Ice “, said the technical director of Airbank. "Until now it was enough salt to prevent or stop the worst hardships and dangers created by the ice on the road. With the exceptional temperatures reached in these days, but there is need for a product that guarantees better performance and does not damage the environment. Melting Ice acts to temperatures at which the salt does not arrive, but most will not harm plant life, from grass to trees, does not endanger

aquifer and threatens to erode the road surface, preventing the formation of holes and then reducing significantly the costs of restoration and maintenance. "

Airbank is the leader in Italy for environmental safety, but also a company with low environmental impact. With its photovoltaic system, in fact, the last year has prevented the emission of more than 72 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.
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