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The absorbents in mineral fibers that respect the environment: Airbank launches MINERAL absorbents

Tuesday 07 May 2019

Guaranteeing safety at work and, at the same time, respecting the environment: with this aim Airbank, a leading company in the field of anti-pollution and environmental protection, launches MINERAL absorbents, eco-friendly absorbents in mineral fibers.

MINERAL absorbents are in fact designed to meet the needs of companies that face oil, hydrocarbon or chemical spills, both acids and bases. Three products from the new series of absorbents: "Universal mineral", "Oil only mineral" and "Chem mineral", each of which was designed specifically for the different substances that are used and must be curbed in the event of spills. All three types are made in the form of socks or pillows or in the 2 in 1 type, ie socks that contain absorbent pillows, which can also be used individually.

Thanks to the new revolutionary natural mineral fiber with nano-reinforcements, MINERAL absorbents ensure the absorption of 99% of the substance in the first 15 minutes of spill; moreover 1g of mineral fiber absorbs up to 50g of oil, allowing an important saving in the disposal phase, as well as the recovery of the substance simply by squeezing the absorbent.

"With the new line we do not just want to make products available that are correct for absorption, but also to guarantee a fast and effective intervention," says Gloria Mazzoni, General Manager of Airbank. "In this way not only can the working environment be safeguarded, but also the surrounding area".