Prodotti e soluzioni antinquinamento e pronto soccorso ambientale

Anti-pollution products and solutions and environmental emergency

Absorbents, bioremediation, containment booms, skimmers and environment first aid kit

Prodotti e soluzioni per contenimento e stoccaggio sostanze pericolose

Products and solutions for containment and storage hazardous materials

Steel and polyethylene tanks ,shelving, security lockers, containers for inner and outer

Prodotti e soluzioni per raccolta, movimentazione e travaso  solidi

Products and solutions for collecting, handling and decanting solids and liquids

Drums, pumps, tanks, civil and industrial waste containers, big bag and tumbling barrels

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Sport and Sustainability: MotoGP separate collection exceeds 50%

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FIRESORB, l'assorbente vegetale ignifugato per qualsiasi tipologia di liquido

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