October 4, 2012

Yamaha Motor Racing increases the environmental safety level thanks to the new products Airbank

Yamaha Motor Racing continue their profitable collaboration celebrating the second year of Certification ISO 14001 subsequently increasing the environmental safety level if the firm.

Thanks to the acquisition of some new marked products Airbank, the society that manages the Team Yamaha Factory Racing has notably increased the degree of sustainbility and safety of the people.

Yamaha Motor Racing and Airbank continue their run of continous improvement in the field of the environmental safety.

To two years from the conferment to the Certification ISO 14001, first team in the history of the world championship of Motor bike to get it, the company that manages the Team Yamaha Factory Racing has introduced in the center of Gerno di Lesmo (MB) ITALY the new products of which it is endowed for increasing the level of environmental sustainability and safety of the people.

Supplied as always by Airbank, firm leaders of the environmental sector in Italy, will allow to avoid the dispersion of dangerous liquids in water, as in the case of the drain seal, spills of inflammable liquids, thanks to Spill deck bladder, or they will guarantee the correct stock of exhausted oils and the safe management of corrosive products with the kit of neutralization of sulphric acid.

"Yamaha is determinated to improve its own environment job in safety terms and environment" Marco Riva said, General Manager of Yamaha Motor Racing. "The sustainability is one of the creed that pushed Yamaha Motor Racing to equip itself with tools and prodcuts that allow to protect and to help our people minimizing the risk of accidents and possible environmental damages during our activities in the center and on the footsteps of the world MotoGP. We have found in Airbank a competent partner that systematically helps us to improve promoting us the culture of the safety and the respect og the environment through our beautiful sport".

"We are happy that the collaboration continues in so satisfactory way" Gloria Mazzoni has declared, General Manager of Airbank.  "Every year that passes the firm guarantees an high safety standard more and more is environmental that of the workers, to demonstration of the great vision of perspective of Yamaha Motor Racing. On our behalf, we will make always our know-how available, because for the environment he never does enough."

The Yamaha Factory Racing Team of Jorge Lorenzo and Well Spies is the stable more greens than the MotoGP. From the 2010 Yamaha Motor Racing it is officially the first society in the history of the MOTO GP to have received the environmental certification ISO 14001.

The important recognition has been gotten thanks to the consultation and the products of Airbank, firm leader in Italy in the sector of the antipollution one and the environmental and industrial safety.

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