March 10, 2014

Nanotechnology and Sustainability: with Dropless get water/oil repellent surfaces in an environmentally friendly way

Nanotechnologies represent an advanced frontier of sustainability thanks to many environmental benefits: higher energy-efficient, long-lasting items and products, improved products hygiene and safety.

Dropless is a nanotechnologic biocompatible liquid specific for a protective and durable hydro-repellent treatment for any porous surface.



Dirty, bad weather, liquids, and oil are all enemies of a clean surface. Stones, bricks, as well as shoes and gloves, may require (for safety purposes) a barrier to protect them from external agents. But to make the surfaces water/oil repellent are often used chemicals that can be harmful for the environment.


A sustaineble solution exists and comes from Airbank, an Emilian Company leader in the environmental safety. It is dropless, last generation product for the protective and durable hydro-repellent treatment for any porous surface.


The peculiarity of Dropless is in its biocompatibility features due to the nanotechnology innovation. Working on a so small scale (100,000 times less than the diameter of a human hair) it is possible to improve the materials properties, making them more useful in a environmental point of view: higher energy efficiency, long-lasting objects and, as in Dropless case, improved hygiene and product safety.


Dropless is easy to apply and ready to use. It is applied with a brush, roller or airless-type sprayer. The product can be applied on a variety of different surfaces: all kind of natural stones, facing bricks, concrete, concrete interlocking, untreated wood, personal protective equipment. After the dropless application the treated surfaces and equipments will be more handy because they will be cleaner and safer.


“The Technological innovation is essential for our business" said Gloria Mazzoni , Airbank General Manager. "Dropless is an interesting example of how nanotechnology can contribute in reducing the environmental impact. To have an easier circulation, the idea is the creation of 500 ml applicators, transforming it into an easy product"


Airbank is the leader company in Italy in antipollution and environmental safety. It is a company with a very low environmental impact. Thanks to its photovoltaic system, in fact, is independent from the energy point of view. Airbank is always involved in research, technological innovation and quality with the aim of producing articles that can increase the standard quality of workers. Among his clients there are the Civil Protection, Enel, Veolia, Parmalat, Alitalia and Trenitalia.

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