May 15, 2013

Sea cleaner and safer with the barrier that blocks jellyfish and trash


Comes on the market a new and important tool to protect the waters of the sea, an anti jellyfish and trash booms to be placed off the beaches to protect the bathing areas.
Composed of a top float, to remain at the water, and a fine-mesh net, allows bathrooms safer and cleaner as it is able to block algae, jellyfish, waste thrown off, stains and pollutants from foams by sewage that increasingly threaten our shores.


The summer is coming with the promise to be more happy and clean for all lovers of the sea. And 'in fact coming a special floating barrier designed to block off algae, jellyfish and trash in general, thanks to its special quality.

They are made of a rigid floating part and a thick net below water surface to about 70 centimeters, is able to counteract the onset to shore of waste produced by man, stains pollutants or foams of sewage , but especially ideal to stop those "inhabitants" of the sea is not very welcome by swimmers, jellyfish and algae.

 To bring it to market is Airbank, a leader in the field of environmental safety, who wanted to find a solution to a particular problem for those who want to enjoy the utmost relaxation are the days of well-deserved vacation, without having to run the risk of running into bites annoying, or worse, in waters not very clean.

Anti- jellyfish boom is very easy to locate: it is enough to put off the beach so that demarcates the bathing area to be protected, and any unwanted object or life form can not pass trough. This will make it very simple also clean up the waters, as they simply provide for the collection of all waste stuck outside the barrier with a single step.


"We really wanted a product like anti- jellyfish booms, in order to fill the lack of a solution to a problem as old as holidays by the sea," said Gloria Mazzoni, General Manager of Airbank. "This boom is able to stop the jellyfish and the garbage before they happen on the shore, making the seas cleaner and safer, but also more enjoyable bath for tourists. How many times have you thought how nice it would be bathing in total safety and clear waters. Behold, now it will finally be possible. "

Airbank is the leading company in Italy in the field dell'antinquinamento and environmental safety, but also a company with a very low environmental impact. Thanks to its photovoltaic system, in fact, the last year has avoided the emission of more than 72 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere

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