September 20, 2012

Exhausted batteries? How to stock and trasport them in safety way respecting ADR

They give "energy" to industries, but at the end of their life they download themselves and the manager has to upload them. What are we talking about? We are talking about exhausted batteries of couse!
The chemical composition of the exhausted accumulators, especially the fluids thet contain, they pushed the legislature to put strict contraints in relation to their management and enforcement transport ADR
To stock and transport used batteries safely and in compliance with ADR you can rely the Airbank library containers. ADR approved containers are made of high density polyrthylene and guarantee full resistance to acids of batteries and accumulators exhausted to extreme temperatures ( -40°C +60°C). Completely recyclable and UV resistant allow an easy and convenient storage thanks to the possibility to stack up to 8 cabinets together
Even if your batteries are not dead think not that the eye of the legislator do not lay upon to you...Following the enactment of Ministerial Decree No. 20 of 24 January 2011 the Ministry of environment, all companies who use lead-acid accumulators must compulsorily has to have nuetralizer product in order to ensure higher safety standards for workers
Also to meet these needs, simply browse the Airbank catalogue and stop at page dedicated to neutralizing powder for sulfuric acid aupplied by Airbank that, because of its absorptive capacity, makes it possibile to thwart, in complete safety, spills of dangeorus acid in compliance with the regulations dictated by the legislature.

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