May 19, 2014

From the refrigerators recovery it is born an universal absorbent which reduces the oils and hydrocarbons pollution

Any refrigerator contains 4 kg average of polyurethane, the insulating material used for the appliance.

From the recovery of this material comes Oko Pur, the ecological oil and fuels absorbent most commonly used in Europe.

Thanks to its enormous absorption capacity, it absorb oil even in water, making it clear and decontaminated up to 95%

The types of RAEE mostly collected are the refrigerators.

The waste collection of electrical and electronic equipment is still characterized by informal ways, with serious dangers for the environment. The refrigerators waste collection represent a positive example: most of these appliances are correctly collected in collection centres and collective systems.

The refrigerator carcass is mainly composed of polyurethane. It is a substance that ensures the insulation between the inside and the outside, but it involves the production of a waste difficult to dispose. The average amount of polyurethane used is 4 kg, this corresponds to about 15% of the material of the total appliance.

There is a solution with a positive impact on the environment: From the recovery of the polyurethane has been created Oko Pur, the ecological oil and fuels absorbent most commonly used in Europe.

It is an exclusive for the Italian market given to Airbank, the Emilian company leader in the environmental safety sector. It is specifically studied for the absorption of oil, grease, gasoline, diesel fuel, paints and chemicals present in the workplaces. It is easy to use (it is used as the common sawdust), but its features make it unique in the world.

Oko Pur is the only universal absorbent with a positive impact on the environment. The product, thanks to the recycled polyurethane, has a positive effect on the climate: the production of 1 kg of Oko Pur saves the emission of 250 kg of CO2 in the atmosphere.

The usage sector is not confined to the workplaces: Oko Pur importantly contributes on water pollution matters. Thanks to its enormous absorption capacity, Oko Pur absorbs oils in water also, forming large lumps that can be easily recovered. It reduces the oil content in the polluted water, making it clear and decontaminated up to 95% without the use of chemicals.

"It is a product studied for the environment" says Gloria Mazzoni, Airbank General Manager. "Oko Pur is super-absorbent, this means less product use, even one-sixth of the mineral ones, and less waste; in fact its absorbing rate is 3.7 to 10 times its own weight.


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Airbank is the leader company in Italy in antipollution and environmental safety. It is a company with a very low environmental impact. Thanks to its photovoltaic system, in fact, is independent from the energy point of view. Airbank is always involved in research, technological innovation and quality with the aim of producing articles that can increase the standard quality of workers. Among his clients there are the Civil Protection, Enel, Veolia, Parmalat, Alitalia and Trenitalia.

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