January 16, 2013

Airbank presents a natural cleanser to wash the all surfaces without using water

Airbank, leader company in Italy in the field of environmental safety, presents a new and powerful natural liquid, completely biodegradable,  which cleans surfaces without using water.

This will save you vast amounts of water usually used for rinsing, and reduce the environmental impact deriving from the use of detergents because its composition does not have chemical elements.

 Airbank,  presented an important new product that will help to reduce the environmental impact  from the use of detergents for the cleaning of washable surfaces.

The product will allow you to clean every type of material, from bodyworks of cars to solar panels, without using water. Thanks to this important feature, you can avoid wasting large quantity  of water usually used for these operations and then maintain a valuable resource and not endless like the blue gold.

The product also ensures the reduction of the impact resulting from the use of chemical detergents, as it is entirely made up of natural ingredients and 100% biodegradable.

 For its use, you can simply spray onto the surface and then wipe a micro-fibre cloth.

 "It is a great innovation, and an important step forward for the respect  of the planet," said Gloria Mazzoni, Airbank's General Manager. "Without sacrificing its effectiveness, this cleaner lets you protect the environment by avoiding placing on nature of chemicals usually used for corporate fleets, boats or any other  washable surface , but especially industrial avoids wasting huge amounts of water usually used during these operation . This feature, along with his being completely natural and biodegradable, making it an interesting product from every point of view, also the purely economic. We are happy to be able to place on the market a solution that, saving water, will also have lower costs on cleaning ".

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