January 15, 2014

Italian wind farms are now safer and cleaner thanks to the airbank emergnecy kit

The wind farms in Italy are today safer and cleaner thanks to the special kits for harmful substances spills.

The kit is made by the Emilian Company AIRBANK and it is mainly composed by products for containment and absorption of oils and harmful fluids. The kit can be provided with special sacks for the waste management; it can be placed in oils storage stations, collection tanks, safety cabinets for chemicals and harmful waste drums.

Thanks to this, the risk management of emergencies in the wind farms will be easier. It guarantees high standard of protection in case of unknow leackage and for the management of contaminated liquids and materials. The wind energy development led to the birth of many wind farms. They are composed by windmill blade that harness the power of the wind in all national territory. This has involved the production of harmful liquids and oils to be disposed and it has caused risks and emergency situations. For all specific necessities, AIRBANK (Emilian Company leader in the environmental safety branch) created a specific kit for the maintenance and protecion of its italian wind farms. The kit is needed for the risk managment also. It is mainly composed by products for containment and absorption of oils and harmful fluids like sorbent cloth and degreasing agents. It is ready for use of Electric General (Team Wind Service).

“About the Green Economy you mainly think about the benefits of PV and wind energy. Less immediate is to think about the set of problems generated by these new technologies” says Mrs. Gloria Mazzoni, Airbank General Manager. “We deal in safety and sustainability and we want to avoid that green energy could cause damage to environment and people. The kit guarantees high standards and it allows the harmful substances managements without any risk”.



Airbank is the leading company in Italy in the field of safety and environmental pollution, but above all a very low environmental impact. Thanks to its photovoltaic plant, in fact, the past year has prevented the emission of more than 72 ton of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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