August 1, 2011

Airbank develop their website to offer wider information on environmental safety

Airbank keep up with the improvement of their website.
After opening the english version of, Airbank are now launching new tools to grant a more direct relation with their navigators.
The first tool is an information blog aiming to offer indispensable concepts related to environmental safety, in order to spread the right practices for environment and personal safety protection.
The second one will allow navigators to deepen their contacts with the company by sending online enquiries for Airbank catalogue products, which will then be followed by the responsible area manager.

"To give our potential customers useful information on environmental and industrial safety as well as to improve interaction by online enquiries means for Airbank to be up-to-date in the field of new technologies.
By these tools we will be able to give a contribution in creating new sensibilities for environmental and personal safety issues" – This is what Airbank associates declared. "Thanks to our staff experience we will spread good practices in terms of employees and work place protection and we will open a more direct communication channel to make our intervention times quicker, above all in case of emergency response." 


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