December 12, 2012

Airbank helps to counter road hazards with the ecological line called “Less”

Airbank, company leader in Italy in the field of environmental safety, continues the path of increased safety on roads by spreading widely the new ecological line Less exclusive to the Italian market.

Particularly innovative products are Potholess, an asphalt at low environmental impact to solve the problem of potholes, road and an environmentally friendly de-icer Iceless which acts faster and at lower temperatures than the salt, safeguarding the microflora and microfauna.

The products have been presented with great success at the last edition of Ecomondo.

 Airbank, following the excellent results obtained with the presentation at Ecomondo, finally launches on the market the Less eco-line — new solutions with a low environmental impact to increase road safety and reduce risks.

With the arrival of the cold season, these have started to be distributed in capillary way throughout the national territory.

Among the products that have had the greatest response among those of the line there is Potholess, an ecological bituminous conglomerate which makes it possible to solve the problem of potholes cold road, without thereby emit harmful emissions for its preparation as was the case for the traditional Asphalts.

Another, equally groundbreaking, is an environmentally friendly de-icer Iceless that respects the environment, cars and roads. This is because, unlike salt, it acts up to -28° C and three times faster without corroding the asphalt and metal parts of the car. Also, while the salt is effective as herbicide kills everything that is plant life, protects the Iceless micro-flora and micro-fauna and, not into groundwater from the polluting because completely ecological .

 "We have presented these innovative products at Ecomondo because it was the right place to introduce them to the operators ," said Gloria Mazzoni, Airbank's General Manager. "Now we have started phase 2 of this operation, proceeding to the fullest possible dissemination throughout the country, to offer to all specialized reality an increase of security level. It is important for us to create a greater sensitivity towards issues of road safety and environmental, because very often we're used to manage adversity only weather when it is time to count the damage. We should instead strive to prevent risks with all possible tools, being always ready to act during critical situation . Our efforts are all conveyed in this direction ".

 Airbank is the leading company in Italy in the field of safety and environmental pollution, but above all a very low environmental impact. Thanks to its photovoltaic plant, in fact, the past year has prevented the emission of more than 72 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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